Seven Empires
and the Promised Kingdom of God

The Middle East--Past And Future

SEVEN EMPIRES investigates the history, and future, of a turbulent region that has become the focus of world attention. "Wars and rumors of war—peace, peace and there is no peace" are ancient sayings born in this region, proof there is really "nothing new under the sun." The first link, The Past, combines thirty-three historical maps with more than 1,300 dates and events in world history to show the modern convulsions in the Middle East result from age-long rivalries. The second link, The Future, shows these upheavals will soon reach a terrible climax and then cease completely.

Seven Key Prophecies

Seven key biblical prophecies reveal the long-awaited Kingdom of God is near. In this region of ancient religious tradition and burning zeal, God Almighty will soon intervene to fulfill the age-long pledge to establish His Messianic Kingdom.
Four thousand years ago God promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that their descendants, the nation Israel, would inherit a special land, what is known today, variously, as the Holy Land, the Promised Land, the land of Israel, and Palestine.
Yet through the ages Israel has enjoyed sovereignty over this small plot of land for only a few short centuries.
This atlas lays before our eyes those seven major civilizations that challenged Israel's claim; Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, Roman and Islamic. These seven civilizations have had a major effect in shaping the world, past and present. The maps plainly illustrate their domination of the land of Israel as well, often by direct occupation. Today the nation Israel is again in the Promised Land, regathered to the very heart of the Islamic domain, the seventh civilization of the biblical world.

Solving the Arab-Israel Conflict

Nations around the world share deep concern in trying to solve the Arab-Israel conflict. Unconsciously they reveal that the future of the entire planet is bound up, in an organic way, with Israel's destiny in relation to these seven civilizations. Israel's future is locked up with her capital city Jerusalem. The destiny of the Holy City hinges on her promised King, the Messiah.
Today the seventh civilization makes up one-fifth of the population of the globe. Its heart is seen in 220 million Arabs of the twenty-one nations of the Arab League. Bordering non-Arab nations add 350 million more Middle Eastern Muslims. Islamic revival is sweeping the Middle East driving secular Arab governments to take on Islamic trappings, forcing moderate Islamic governments to implement a more Koranic legal system, and unleashing the wrath of Muslim zealots seeking to die in Jihad. Fueled by oil wealth and driven by the Koran, Arab-Islamic shame over tiny Israel reclaiming residence in their Promised Land, with Jerusalem as its capital, makes the miracle of real Middle East peace ever so much greater.
In spite of past Middle East peace talks and attemps to reach a comprehensive "peace of the brave" between the government of Israel and the governments of Arab neighbors, it is obvious that only a fundamental change of mind of miraculous proportions in the Arab-Muslim world will ever guarantee a real and lasting peace. If history reveals anything, it says only Almighty God has enough power to cause the nations of the world to "beat their swords into plowshares," to establish His ancient promise of peace to Israel, the Middle East and the world.
Seven Empires shows that God's Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus), who suffered long ago in weakness, will return soon from Heaven to reign in Jerusalem, to dominate the world as Prince of Peace.

The Past
The Future

Hanoch Ben Keshet
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